Disaster Restorationsflooding


If disaster has struck you or your family’s home, we understand that the consequences can be devastating and at the very least, you have some form of disruption in your lives. Our team at Stafford Homes is here to help you rebuild and get your home back to normal. We are trained to fix a wide variety of problems that disasters cause—from water damages on up. Don’t let a disaster get the best of you. We’re ready to help you avoid lengthy disruption in your home life. Let our team help you get things back to normal.

Water damage can be a serious issue. If left untreated, water can seep into your home and cause expensive repairs and even irreversible damage. You don’t have to fall victim to water damage, and you don’t have to let the worst it can do happen to your home. We have a team of restoration professionals that have access to products and removal techniques that will assure you of a water protected home. We’ll inspect and assess the situation, decide what specifically needs to be done, then dry out the affected areas. We’ll keep you apprised every step of the way, so that your home will have complete protection.

Fire and smoke issues are complex, and can give trouble to even the most seasoned home owners. Fire can burn furniture and release dangerous chemicals into the air. Smoke too, can interact with other gases and chemicals in your home to form unwanted compounds. When left untreated, fire and smoke damage can ruin parts of your home. You don’t have to let it. Our team of restoration professionals is here to help clean and save the belongings in your home. You can trust us with every step of the restoration process, and we’ll help you to avoid having to leave behind your valuables.